Alcohol Rehab- The Various Stages to Sobriety

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Are you an alcoholic? Do you find it difficult to keep yourself away from liquor? Does your addiction to alcohol affect your family life? Is your work life and social life in jeopardy, because of your obsession with this spirit consumption? Then it is high time that you enroll yourself into an alcohol rehab. There is no shame in admitting your weakness and accepting the best possible help that you will need in curbing your substance dependence and in this case, it is alcohol. You are not only saving your health, but also giving a ray of hope to your loved ones, who had to suffer a great deal, because of your alcohol problems. The following is a small brief on the various stages that an alcohol addict needs to undergo, before becoming completely sober.

Firstly, it is very important for the doctors or the counselors to understand the patientís will towards the alcohol rehabilitation. Some addicts simply enroll into these alcohol rehabs, as they are forced by their family and friends. Such people do not show complete recovery, because the need for rehab is not inculcated within them; it is only superficial. Every person has a different level of treatment program. Depending on the content of alcohol within your body, an appropriate program is personalized accordingly. Similarly, a series of tests will be conducted to check if you are suffering from any other ailments, which could pose harm in the course of treatment. This preliminary stage is known as intervention stage.

The next stage is known as the detoxification stage, where you will be put under medication and observation. This is the heart of alcohol rehab programs. You will have to consume various tablets, followed by injections and other medicines, which bring down the alcohol content within your blood. This entire procedure will have to be conducted over a period of two to three weeks, depending on the alcohol content present in your body. Hence, you will be residing within the alcohol rehab during the entire phase.

After completing the detoxification, you will have to be subjected to the aftercare treatment, which is mainly concentrated to increase your potential from staying away from alcohol for a long time. This is mainly a psychological training and the counselor will walk you through the various techniques to be adopted to keep yourself restrained, at all times.

It is not a formidable task to locate a good alcohol rehab in your city. If you have the correct sources and enough information, you will be able to come across a respectable alcohol rehab within no time. For this, you may have to do a little research over the internet, or talk to your friends and close acquaintances. It is advisable to take along your parents or siblings or spouse or a close friend with you, for your first meeting. It is very important that friends and family put in an equal amount of effort in making you self-sufficient against alcohol intake, by providing their encouragement and support throughout the program.

Your alcohol addiction is causing many problems on your lifestyle and daily-life. Get treatment for alcoholism; visit the link for more information on rehab centers locations.

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